Workplace Giving

Make giving contagious through choice

A Toolkit for Workplace Giving Success

Transform your workplace giving programs from a top down approach to a way that engages your employees in giving. With over 1.6 million nonprofits to choose from, your employees will love the personalized approach. The more your employees feel you care about them as individuals, expect loyalty to follow. DoTopia’s technology makes it easy.

Your business needs and giving goals are unique. We specialize in accommodating all sizes of employee families whether you are a start-up who wants every employee to be equipped with a Personal Giving Account or a Fortune 50 company gifting DoDollars® to your top volunteers. As new generations of employees are entering the workplace, it is essential for companies to offer individual-focused benefits that are attractive to a wide array of preferences and work styles. DoTopia’s workplace giving solutions help you engage your diverse workforce now and attract the new generations of employees who crave technological sophistication and hyper-customization. Our robust platform in conjunction with our proprietary giving currency, the Do$, enables our clients to do it all. Our workplace giving solutions are straightforward and flexible.

Personal Giving Accounts

Every employee who participates in your program will receive their own Personal Giving Account. From this account, employees can track giving and volunteer efforts, set giving goals, purchase more Do$, and access DoTopia’s database of 1.6 million nonprofits to donate. Think of a PGA as a checking account for giving.



Give your employees a little extra love by matching donations they make to their favorite nonprofits. This gesture goes a long way and will encourage your employees to give even more. While some companies choose to match every donation, others are selective with the organizations they wish to support. Matching programs can be ongoing or at certain times throughout the year such as higher frequency giving times like #GivingTuesday or during the giving season.

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Payroll Deduction / Donate DoDollars®

According to Charity Navigator, average annual giving per individual is 3.2% of income. Your employees are giving with or without you. DoTopia makes it easy with both payroll deduction or credit card processing to help simplify this process and support your generous workers while they receive any tax benefits for individual giving. Employees will especially appreciate the ease to give to any charity of their choice right from their paycheck through their PGA.

Giving Campaigns

You may already be sponsoring monthly or yearly “giving” pushes. Giving campaigns with a designated timeframe, goal, and incentive for the givers are exciting and can be a fun way to announce Personal Giving Accounts! With DoTopia, be prepared to see your campaign performance skyrocket as individuals will choose to give to organizations they would want to give to anyway. To optimize the campaign, match total Do$ given to another organization that is close to your company’s heart. There are many ways to develop giving campaigns. Either way, all parties win.


Employee Rewards

Use Do$, DoTopia’s currency of giving, to retain, reward, and congratulate your employees. Do$ can be used for work anniversaries, accomplishments, and even to welcome new employees into the organization. The best part in using Do$ for employee rewards? No breakage. If an employee doesn’t appreciate the gift of giving, you can always re-gift it to another employee.

Volunteer Programs

Volunteer Programs

Your people give in more ways than just money. Leading employers give employees volunteer days to participate in helping their favorite organization. DoTopia’s volunteer portal allows your employees to manage all their giving in one place. With the ability to track hours, enter the place they volunteered, and note the date, you can keep track of all employee giving in one easy-to-manage portal.

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