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Volunteer Programs Your Employees Desire

Giving has always been more than dollars. Your employees are choosing to spend their time outside the workplace volunteering with nonprofits that matter to them. You have the opportunity to support and reward your employees who opt to make a difference and spend their time for good. Unique to DoTopia’s platform, Personal Giving Accounts can help your employees measure, manage and multiply all ways they choose to give back.

Corporate Volunteer

“I always do a donation to my child’s public elementary school. As a volunteer in the school, I see just how much the funding helps. As an example, field trips that enrich the classroom education are funded strictly by donations to the school. My child’s class was able to visit a local aquarium to see the ocean life that they studied. As a parent volunteer, I listened to how excited the kids were to see the fish/animals they studied.”

Support for Your Volunteers

Volunteer Events

Volunteer Management

DoTopia’s portal allows volunteers to enter the place they volunteered, how many hours, and the date they volunteered.

Volunteer Programs

Volunteer Tracking

Everything is recorded within each employee's Personal Giving Account, allowing administrators to pull reports easily and get a snapshot of where your employees give their time.

Reward Your Doers

Leading companies take workplace volunteering one step further. They reward top volunteers and create excitement around volunteer programs by offering additional incentives, like “giving” dollars, to participate. Programs like “Dollars for Doers” and Volunteer of the Year Awards are a great place to start.

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