Personal Giving

Managing your giving has never been easier

Your all-in-one digital giving platform

Register for your own Personal Giving Account where you can measure, manage, and multiply your individual giving. Signing up is easy, secure, and free! Just create an account with DoTopia and donate Do$ to the causes you care about.

DoTopia receives ongoing feedback from our givers so we can continue to deliver the online giving platform you desire.

Online giving should be always-on, seamless, and efficient.

Givers said a digital platform for all their giving would make their life easier.

Givers said managing their giving in one digital platform would encourage them to give more.

How PGAs Work

  • Register

    Sign-up or receive a Personal Giving Account powered by DoTopia.

  • Search

    You will be directed to a user-friendly search page to locate your desired nonprofit, create reoccurring donations, or donate immediately.

  • Share

    After donating, you will be able to spread the giving love with your social networks. Encourage more givers, giving more!

  • Manage

    You will then be directed back to your PGA where you can gift Do$, buy more, set giving goals for yourself, and track your personal giving.

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