Our Belief

DoTopia was created to support and empower nonprofits everywhere to make the world a better place.

An Open Letter to Our Nonprofit Partners

Dear Beloved Organization,

We are here for you. Our DoTopians are helping you fight poverty, hunger, education, gender equality, clean water, climate action, peace and hundreds of other social causes through the act of giving. Our #1 goal is to make sure you receive donations seamlessly from your loving DoTopians. While all of us support personalized causes, at DoTopia, we believe all organizations matter. So, if you do not see your name on our platform, please let us know. As long as you are a registered nonprofit, we will get it added for you. We believe that every gift to you is important and we appreciate you helping us encourage more givers, giving more.

Yours In Giving,
The DoTopia Team

“98% of givers find descriptions about the nonprofit and where the money will be going helpful when choosing a charity to donate to on DoTopia’s platform.” – Survey of 152 givers

Register My Nonprofit

Create a free Personal Giving Account to see if your nonprofit is listed on our platform. Contact us to get your organization added or update the information in our system to reflect the good you are doing and the impact DoTopians can make by giving to you.

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Giving Never Felt So Good.

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