Loyalty Programs

Leverage DoDollars as meaningful and unique interactions for customers to drive emotional, transactional, and behavioral loyalty.

Doing Good Results in Loyal Customers

It is possible to be profitable and philanthropic. Developing a completely new cause marketing or customer experience practice area might not be feasible. Consider incorporating giving into your already established (and hopefully successful) loyalty program! Take your program up a notch and give your loyal customers a gift they will not soon forget.

Loyalty Performance

Positive Image

92% of consumers say they have a more positive image of a company when the company supports a social or environmental issue.

Brand Purpose

80% of consumers are loyal to businesses that help them live a simpler, balanced life that is rich with connections.

Offerings for Loyalty Providers

loyalty programs

Reward Catalog

We work with reward fulfillment vendors who wish to incorporate giving into their catalog. DoTopia provides more choice than any other giving technology with over 1.6 million options for recipients to select from. We do not require exclusivity in our partnerships and make it easy and cost effective to add DoTopia to your online giving options.

Loyalty Programs


DoDollars® are delivered using a simple code that can be printed on any medium or digitally dispersed at all stages in the loyalty journey. As the loyalty provider, you will work with us to determine the needs of your clients. We provide the Do$ codes, branded PGA’s, and pay out charity disbursement. At the end of the giving program, share relevant data with your clients. We can provide you with total redeemed codes, charities selected, amounts disbursed, participants, and more.

API Integrations

We integrate with your platform so the giving experience is consistent with branding and other elements of your client programs. Giving is a unique addition for brands who are looking to engage younger customers and those who wish to make the world a better place.

Retailers and other loyalty clients...

If you are not currently working with a traditional loyalty provider on a comprehensive customer loyalty solution, we can help you engage your customers through personalized giving campaigns.

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Giving Never Felt So Good.

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