Customer Experience

“Only Art May be as Personal as Where you Give” - Billy Weisman, DoTopia Founder

Marketing, Meet Philanthropy

Your goal is to drive loyalty among the diverse, socially conscious and technology driven customers of today while still remaining authentic and true to your brand. Personalized Customer Experience Campaigns with DoTopia can help brands create one-on-one connections with their customers through the power of giving. Incorporate DoDollars® into your current marketing programs or as an independent experiential campaign. Either way, we can help.

Invest in Customer Experience

Get inspired and learn how brands are creating marketing campaigns for good.

Loyalty Promotions

Your most valuable customers may not be reacting to the 50% off coupon the third time around like you hoped. Next time, try something unique they won’t soon forget. Develop a loyalty program touch point that encourages your top customers to give to an organization they care about on your behalf. They will be sure to thank you - on all the social channels that matter most.

Shop to Give

Were you asked to give to a charity when you last checked out at your local grocery store? These campaigns can be successful because individuals feel pressured to give, but what about reversing this model? Use your corporate giving dollars to run a checkout charity campaign that gives your customers Do$ to give to a charity they care about without the obligation.

Marketing Campaigns

Low redemption rates on email marketing? Sick of spamming people with flyers that will end up in the landfill? Creating an authentic campaign, with giving at the heart, will not only get your customers to pay attention, but appreciate your brand in a whole new way. There are many creative ways to use DoDollars and we can help you develop a program that will work for you.

Surprise & Delight

We all appreciate a little gift every once in a while, especially an unexpected one. Brands can use Do$ for a surprise & delight to let customers know they care. Whether it is printed on the back of a receipt, an email, on social media, or even a physical gift card, the gift of giving is a nice gesture and will be remembered. A great way to build stronger affinity for your brand.

Brand Engagement

Your company has PR goals they wish to hit every year, so the positive buzz created around your business matters. We have all witnessed companies receiving a generous nod in the media for philanthropic activity. When news outlets catch wind that you are letting your customers choose where to give YOUR money, watch your PR impressions soar.

Holiday Gifts

More than likely, that logo coffee mug you gave your customers last year for the holidays is already in the garbage. Unfortunately, holiday time can be expensive for companies who are generous. Give the gift of giving this year – a gift that is memorable, unique, and engaging. Most people give in the last three days of the year, so this gift is also timely!

DoTopia's Customer Experience Solution for the Win

The best marketing campaigns are the one’s that generate greater awareness, brand loyalty, and profitability for your company. In recent years, we have watched leading companies layer social good into their marketing programs. Some successfully and others not. Believe in the power of authentic and meaningful experiences by successfully connecting CSR and Marketing teams for one cohesive campaign. By engaging your customer and putting the power of giving in their hands, you can promote your brand authentically and maximize your philanthropic reach within your community. It’s a win-win solution for all. We call it #Philanthromarketing®, and we hope you will join our movement.

Moving from Cause Marketing to Customer Experience

Giving Never Felt So Good.

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