Lead With Love Leadership Summit 2018

  DoTopia is elated to be a sponsor at this years Lead With Love 2018 Summit held in Aspen, Colorado. Lead With Love is a four day event where people all over the world gather to discuss social impact, wellness in the community, and much more.   What is the Lead With Love Summit? We’re glad you asked!  Lead With Love is a once a year summit held in Aspen, Colorado that started in 2016. All proceeds to this event go to Project Wellbeing (formerly known as Aspen City of Wellbeing) which is a non-profit that promotes wellbeing throughout the […]

Nonprofit Spotlight: BAE Institute

We are thrilled to introduce you to BAE Institute | Bancroft Arnesen Explore, one of our amazing nonprofit partners who is creating a platform for girls and women’s voices to be heard so that these future minds are both breaking down barriers and leading the way in creating a sustainable and connected global movement.  Learn more about BAE, the work they do, and support them today! There was quite a journey involved in creating Bancroft Arnesen Explore (BAE). How did this organization get formed and what does it stand for? Ann Bancroft and Liv Arnesen are educators and explorers who together made history by becoming the […]

Nonprofit Spotlight: Beyond Differences

For this week’s nonprofit spotlight, we are thrilled to introduce Beyond Differences. How did your organization get formed and what does it stand for? Beyond Differences was founded in memory of Lili Rachel Smith, a high school freshman who experienced social isolation because she looked different due to a rare cranial-facial anomaly called Apert Syndrome. Lili passed away in her sleep from medical complications in 2009, and teens who knew her approached her family at her memorial with the desire to honor her life in a profound way. They had no idea at the time that they would touch a nerve in middle […]

Nonprofit Spotlight: Appetite for Change

We are thrilled to introduce you to Appetite For Change, one of our amazing nonprofit partners. Learn more about Appetite For Change, the work they do, and support them today! How did your organization get formed and what does it stand for? ​Appetite For Change (AFC) uses food as a tool to build health, wealth and social change in North Minneapolis. Our organization is community driven, food justice minded and committed to sustainability. Established in 2011, our programs and services are built directly on the needs and interests expressed by community members at our first shared meal events. Early dialogues around the table […]

Thank you for joining the 31 Days of Giving challenge!

In June, hundreds of you have donated over $16,000 to more than 350 nonprofits. WOW! It was an amazing month of giving and our team can’t thank you enough for joining the 31 Days of Giving challenge. We have been so inspired by all of the videos our giving heroes shared throughout the month of giving. Hearing why people give, why they support their favorite nonprofits and the impact each individual can make has always been one of our favorite parts at DoTopia. After all, that is why we were created.           A major thank you […]

Nonprofit Spotlight | The Birthday Party Project

Nothing brings us more joy then highlighting the amazing work nonprofits do. This week, we are partnering with The Birthday Party Project. The Birthday Party Project’s mission is to bring JOY to homeless children through the Magic of Birthdays. With the help of birthday enthusiasts (volunteers), they host larger than life birthday parties for kids staying at homeless and transitional living facilities. Every month, birthday enthusiasts gather to celebrate all the kids that have a birthday that month, and invite all residents of the shelter to participate in the party! The Birthday Party Project believes that JOY changes lives, and a […]

Make 2018 the Year of Giving – Deepak Chopra’s 7 Spiritual Laws

We loved partnering with Deepak Chopra on this post and now for our #31DaysofGiving. Join our giving movement today and help us make the world a better place. (originally posted on January 8th, 2018) There’s nothing like the month of January to encourage us to reflect on what matters in life and the changes we want to make this year.  For those of us in the North, we are in the heart of winter and anxiously awaiting the first sign of spring. This is the time for us to hunker down, set some goals and plot out the next 11 months. […]

Engage for Good 2018

This was DoTopia’s second time attending Engage for Good in Chicago.  Topics this year ranged from Gun Violence, Disaster Relief, Empowerment, Impact Reporting, Cause Marketing (…obviously), Technology, and more.  Some of the themes that jumped out across many of the sessions were the need for brands to be authentic in their social good programs, the power of using technology to do good and the shared value cause marketing creates for corporations.  DoTopia was grateful to be a part of the discussions and it is very fun to meet so many of the nonprofit partners that individuals support on our platform. […]

Announcing the 31 Days of Giving!

The entire team at DoTopia is thrilled to announce our 31 Days of Giving in partnership with Deepak Chopra and Jiyo! Our team has always turned to Deepak Chopra for inspiration and are incredibly excited to be partnering with him and his wellness platform Jiyo to spread our giving movement. What are the 31 Days of Giving? During the month of June, any individual who signs up for a free personal giving account on our platform will automatically receive $10 to give to a cause. With over 1.6M nonprofits on the DoTopia platform, individuals will be sure to find a […]

The Power of Micro Giving

Individuals, estates, foundations and corporations contributed an estimated $390.05 billion to U.S. nonprofits in 2016.  In addition, the largest source of charitable giving in 2016 came from individuals at $281.86 billion, or 72% of total giving; followed by foundations ($58.28 billion/15%), bequests ($30.36 billion/8%), and corporations ($18.55 billion/5%).  It’s safe to say there is a lot of power in giving. We often talk about the power of the individual and you can’t ignore those numbers. While difficult to believe at times, each of us has the power and ability to make a difference. We get it, it’s easy to think […]

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