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API Integration is a fancy way to say we can connect our technology with yours to create a seamless experience for the end user. You have a desire to develop an easy-to-use system for the user that is on brand and flexible for any changing needs. DoTopia’s API integrations will make this possible.

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Ways to Integrate with Us

Loyalty Rewards

Provide your program members with a unique gift redemption option that continues to give. DoTopia’s API integration connects into program catalogs and translates DoDollars® for the program’s loyalty currency. There are many other ways DoTopia can work with loyalty companies outside traditional catalog redemption. Your participants are sure to appreciate the giving choice DoTopia provides with over 1.6 million nonprofits.

E-commerce & Customer Giving

We are all familiar with checkout charity. Normally this is a top-down charity initiative led by a company’s desire to give to one organization. DoTopia’s API integration can help you increase perception among buyers and your “do good” efforts by allowing customers to choose where they wish to give charity money at the register. Whether your company designates a certain amount of profits to giving, or you ask customers to give their own dollars at the point of sale, DoTopia can help you provide ultimate choice.

Nonprofit Portal

DoTopia was created to support and empower our nonprofit partners to make this world a better place. Our goal is to make sure charities receive their donations in a timely and automatic fashion. We can provide additional integration services by managing your “donation” button on your website, so you do not require additional financial resources or the burden of managing money in addition to doing your good work in the world.

Corporate Communication Platform

You are already communicating with your employees through an internal platform that is branded and includes all the links your employees need to be successful. Include your workplace giving tool in this suite of other links and portals. Your employees will be grateful for one simple URL, and you will have less training for new hires. It’s a win-win for all.

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