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About DoTopia

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DoTopia is a digital giving platform that connects to over 1.6 million charities. We work with HR, Corporate Social Responsibility and Marketing teams to create giving solutions and campaigns that inspire employees, foster customer loyalty and advance workplace values. Additionally, any individual is able to set-up their own Personal Giving Account. Each user creates an account to manage their giving in one place. Individuals can create giving goals, print off tax receipts, gift DoDollars®, and add more funds with just a couple clicks of the mouse. Our goal is to keep your giving process as easy as possible. We believe in more givers, giving more and that every gift matters.

Led by change-makers, marketers, CSR experts, and operators with decades of experience building and managing platforms and programs that deliver results for industry leading companies, our team is prepared to create a giving program that works for you.

 - Client Accounting

Your company is powerful. Your company has the ability to create an industry, shift an opinion, and grow in market share. Without your customers and employees, you have no company. You let these stakeholders shape your culture and your products. Your philanthropic initiatives should follow suit. 

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Imagine a world where giving is woven into the fabric of your employee benefits. Next, imagine the ability to give to your favorite charity just for doing business with a brand. That is the world we are helping create. We believe that a giving world is a better world.

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