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Charity Spotlight: Corral Riding

DoTopia was created to support and empower organizations everywhere to make the world a better place. By utilizing DoDollars, our DoTopians give to the 501(c)(3) organizations they are passionate about (have we mentioned there are over 1.6 million to choose from?) to grow and thrive. We are thrilled to highlight an organization, CORRAL, who has received funds via DoDollars. We love hearing stories from our charity partners. After all, it is the reason we do what we do.

CORRAL is a Christian non-profit where girls in high risk situations experience healing and transformational life change with rescued horses and a loving community. Our girls receive academic intervention, college and career preparation, vocational and life skills training, mentorship, and mental health services while working with horses. The girls we serve all have their own story but a majority have dealt with some type of trauma, abuse, or neglect at some point in their young lives. CORRAL’s goal is to give our girls a “leg up in life” and we have seen some amazing changes in the young women serve.

The gift from DoTopia will partially sponsor a girl during her time in our program. Support from partners like DoTopia make a huge impact in in the lives of girls like Lexi. When Lexi came to CORRAL she carried a lot of anger and distrust in people. This anger and distrust was born from ongoing abuse from someone very close to her. When Lexi came to CORRAL she had given up on school, given up on other people, and given up on herself. Now that she’s been in the program over a year we’ve seen Lexi heal, grow, and learn in unimaginable and amazing ways! Our horses taught Lexi about how to be a patient and confident leader. Our academic interventions helped Lexi raise her grades and now she has all As and Bs! CORRAL helped Lexi remember how to dream and now she plans to attend college and hopes to become a therapist so she can help other girls just like her!

Amazing, right? Stories like these inspire us to keep spreading the Joy of Giving. Thank you, CORRAL for sharing this inspiring story. We can’t wait to see all of the incredible work you continue to accomplish.

Charity partners, empower your organization today by urging your contributors to give through DoTopia. We do all of the heavy lifting for you so you can focus on what matters most: making an impact.

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