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DoTopia Has Big News… a Kickstarter campaign!

Fellow DoTopians, we have some very exciting news… we will be launching a huge Kickstarter campaign! That’s right, at the end of October DoTopia will be asking for your help to raise money for us to develop a brand new app.

Why are we doing this, you ask?

DoTopia wants to create the world’s largest giving platform by building a user-friendly app that allows people to donate to non-profits as easily and quickly as possible. At DoTopia, we have 1.7 million non-profits across the US supporting countless global initiatives all in one place: your phone!

Kickstarter to develop a DoTopia appHave you ever been to the grocery store and been asked to “round up” to donate to something you know nothing about, resulting in an unclear transaction? Ever noticed that corporations claim a portion of your money spent there is going to “good causes”? Where is that money going? We no longer want to be guilted into giving. DoTopia is giving the power back to the people by allowing each individual to donate what they feel comfortable to the non-profit of their choice.

Where to Give

This Kickstarter campaign will help you give to the causes that you care about.

With the DoTopia app, you can enter your zip code, which will then provide you with non-profits that are nearby. This way you are able to localize and personalize your giving story. Finding all of the non-profits that you care about in one convenient place allows you to become the giver you were meant to be!

Our goal is to raise $250,000, which would allow DoTopia to build and launch this groundbreaking app. We will be releasing this Kickstarter campaign at Lead with Love in Aspen, Colorado, which DoTopia is proudly sponsoring.

Give a little or give a lot, you’ll be contributing to starting the world’s biggest and most intuitive giving platform. Stay tuned for more information and exciting offers within this Kickstarter campaign!



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