Nonprofit Spotlight: BAE Institute

We are thrilled to introduce you to BAE Institute | Bancroft Arnesen Explore, one of our amazing nonprofit partners who is creating a platform for girls and women’s voices to be heard so that these future minds are both breaking down barriers and leading the way in creating a sustainable and connected global movement.  Learn more about BAE, the work they do, and support them today!

There was quite a journey involved in creating Bancroft Arnesen Explore (BAE). How did this organization get formed and what does it stand for?

Ann Bancroft and Liv Arnesen are educators and explorers who together made history by becoming the first women to ski across Antarctica in 2001. That historic, 1,717-mile/2,764 km journey fulfilled Ann and Liv’s childhood dream and ignited an unwavering passion and commitment to create something bigger and beyond themselves. Through experiential education & storytelling, BAE has been at the forefront of inspiring action and leadership around the world. Crossing Antarctica began the global dialogue—impacting millions of students, educators and women ranging in age from 5 to 95. As pioneers who continue to advance their commitment, BAE has invested in 8 women (representing 6 different continents) to create a platform for girls and women’s voices to be heard so that these future minds are both breaking down barriers and leading the way in creating a sustainable and connected global movement. With courage, resilience, power, connection and an unprecedented track record, BAE continues the global dialogue—now amplified by 8 women, on 7 continents, over 12 years with Access Water. BAE | Access Water is a cross-cultural collaboration to inspire and acknowledge the human spirit—giving voice to each ONE of you. Access Water Team Members represent their region of the world to amplify the urgency for clean water and inspire solutions for a sustainable future. For over 30 years, we have been exploring, educating, inspiring, advocating and dreaming. Our goals are as vast as our hearts and we want to hear from you, “what are you THIRSTY for?”.

Where has your organization made the most impact?

Inspiring girls & women around the globe through leadership skills proven in the harshest environments. As educators who have become explorers (and women who have made history), Ann Bancroft & Liv Arnesen are unique role models and heroines in the education community. Bancroft and Arnesen bring their unique expertise and unwavering commitment—along with more than three decades of exploration—to inspire action and leadership around the world. BAE and YUNGA (Youth United Nations) co-created the Water Challenge Badge for WAGGGS (World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts)—has served 10 million girls, in 146 countries and has been translated into 8 languages. The historic Antarctica journey, by the numbers: 50 US states with BAE online engagement/community members, 118 countries with BAE online engagement/community members and 2.1 billion media impressions.

What are your organizations top initiatives in 2018?

  • Through experiential education programs and storytelling, BAE Access Water will engage and empower over 60 million future minds to amplify the voices of girls & women around the globe.
  • Generate $1.5M through diverse types of revenue to create a sustainable business model which brings access to education and empowerment.
  • Build our social media community to 100K+ followers where we will share authentic, inspiring & empowering content.
  • Through BAE Access Water, continue to advance our most imperative initiative in 30 years with journey number 2 of 7:


1 | 2015-16 Asia/Ganges

2 | 2017-18 North America/Mississippi

3 | 2019 Africa

4 | 2021 Oceania

5 | 2023 South America

6 | 2025 Europe

7 | 2027 Antarctica

How can one get involved and join the movement?

You can support the BAE Institute today with DoTopia!

Simply login (or create a free personal giving account) and search for BAE Institute. You can complete a one time donation or set up a recurring donation to help BAE accomplish their 2018 goals throughout the year. It’s that easy!

Every gift matters. 



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