Nonprofit Spotlight | The Birthday Party Project

Nothing brings us more joy then highlighting the amazing work nonprofits do. This week, we are partnering with The Birthday Party Project.

The Birthday Party Project’s mission is to bring JOY to homeless children through the Magic of Birthdays. With the help of birthday enthusiasts (volunteers), they host larger than life birthday parties for kids staying at homeless and transitional living facilities.

Every month, birthday enthusiasts gather to celebrate all the kids that have a birthday that month, and invite all residents of the shelter to participate in the party! The Birthday Party Project believes that JOY changes lives, and a JOYful community can change the world.

The Birthday Party Project hosts 44 parties a month in 13 cities across the country.  To date, they have celebrated over 6,500 birthdays with 40,000 kids in attendance!

How did your organization get formed and what does it stand for?
The Birthday Party Project started when our founder, Paige Chenault, realized that she could use her skills as an event planner to celebrate children that might not otherwise feel celebrated. Excited to turn her passion into purpose, The Birthday Party Project was born.  
TBPP stands for JOY.  We believe that JOY changes lives and a JOYful community can change the world. We believe in connectedness through celebrations.  We believe that people matter most. We believe that children, regardless of their circumstances, are worth celebrating.
Where has your organization made the most impact?
The Birthday Party Project brings people together at the community level. Our parties break down socioeconomic barriers between people by offering approachable ways for people to interact. We believe that when we celebrate together, it’s a chance for people to connect, and that when we connect, we learn more about one another, and that understanding can lead to lasting change. 
What is your organization most excited about?
We just launched our newest initiative, Birthday in a Box, that allows us to celebrate kids in hard to reach places. These boxes are filled with everything needed to throw an on-the-spot celebration! The boxes are given to case managers, police officers and foster parents to help celebrate kids birthdays in the moment! We believe this can bring JOY to children experiencing great uncertainty – and our hope is that it provides special memories for the kids we celebrate.
How can one get involved and support The Birthday Party Project?
Whether it’s volunteering at a party, sharing your birthday, or sponsoring a Birthday in a Box, it takes a village to bring JOY to kids around the country!
You can also support The Birthday Party Project using the DoTopia platform!
Can you share a story about your organization?
At one of our recent parties, a mom of one of the birthday kiddos realized, after the cakes had been brought out, that she forgot her phone to take pictures of her son.  She asked us if we could take a few pictures of her family and email them to her, so of course we did on the spot! The mom then began to cry and told us how terrible she felt that she forgot her phone. She said she had been so overwhelmed the last three months that they had been living in the shelter. They recently got approval for housing and would be leaving the shelter in a month. She was excited about moving out but she was happy that they were still at the shelter that night so that her son could have a birthday party! This was something she said she had never been able to give him, and that tonight was more than she could have imagined for him.
We told her that that’s why we are here! She responded, ” I just believe that people should be good and I wish that there were more kind people in the world and that there was more joy in everyone, that could make the world a better place.” We told her that our belief is that Joy Changes Lives and now SHE wants to come back and volunteer for parties to give back. We love it when joy comes full circle!

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