The Best Cause Marketing Campaigns from Super Bowl 52

Earlier this month, our great city of Minneapolis hosted Super Bowl 52 and welcomed a million visitors to partake in the festivities. While most of us look forward to the tv ads during the game (is there actually a game on?), local companies were able to create engaging events throughout the city for people to partake in with hopes of leaving a lasting impact. It is no surprise to us that many companies decided to launch cause marketing campaigns in order to stand out and engage with visitors. People like to see companies do good, and the super bowl is an excellent stage for raising awareness.

A few of our favorite cause marketing campaigns came from 3M, Target, US Bank & Mono.

  • 3M engaged in a series of initiatives, including a Legacy Fund offering grants to three Minnesota towns to promote a “healthier, more active future for kids.”

  • US Bank accepted American Red Cross donations through its ATMs during the 10 days leading up to Super Bowl Sunday and launched its “Future Leaders” program honoring an inaugural class of college students highlighting “three incredible young people in the state of Minnesota” who “exemplify what we think future leadership will be.”

  • Target provided a $300,000 capital grant and support to create a Wellness Hub providing free access to workout equipment, fitness and cooking classes at the People’s Center Clinics and Services in Minneapolis’ Cedar-Riverside neighborhood. The whole mission is to make sure once the event is gone there is a long-term impact on the community.


We had the opportunity to connect with the brains behind the idea, local agency, Mono, and learn more about their cause marketing campaign connecting cold visitors and children in need with a hat delivery service. All proceeds went to charity Operation Warm.

What sparked your idea to do a social good/cause marketing campaign for the super bowl?

As a creative agency in Minneapolis, we wanted to participate in the Super Bowl in some way. From the very get go, however, we decided that whatever we did should solve some sort of problem or promote some good, knowing that there would be so much happening that was focused simply on commerce and entertainment. Starting with that as our focus, we recognized that many of the 1 million visitors arriving to the city would not be prepared for the extreme cold temperatures, and were struck with an idea to help solve a problem for visitors while also helping provide warm winter wear for children in the community.

How did you choose what organization you wanted to support?

We literally started searching the internet for a partner that would be willing to work with us to help us donate coats for kids. Operation Warm is a national organization, but operates locally which was important to us because we wanted to specifically impact our surrounding community. And, importantly they were great partners who we easy to work with and helped us achieve our goals quickly.

What was your distribution process for the hats? What was the reception you received among the community?

We created a mobile-first Uber/Lyft like functionality. When interested people in downtown Minneapolis visited our site to order a hat, they were able to drop a pin at their location and we were able to deliver the hats in 45 minutes or less to their precise location via bike messenger. A key part of the experience was that the hats arrived in a heated case, like a pizza delivery, hot and toasty. The response simply blew us away. We sold out of our supply within 24 hours of operation and received over 1,200 emails from people all over the country wanting to order the hat. We were able to get some additional supply of hats due to the demand, and that inventory sold out in a matter of hours.

Would love for you to share any results from hat sales? How much have you been able to raise for Operation Warm so far?

Given it was such a small operation over a short duration, we’re happy to say that we were able to donate 520 coats for kids.

Do you think cause marketing campaigns will become the new expectation in advertising campaigns, or just another avenue for raising awareness about your company?

It’s been proven that almost any case, people would choose to support a company that is doing something to promote good in our society over one that is doing nothing. With that said however, cause marketing needs to be a thoughtful part of any company’s marketing or advertising. You can’t simply co-opt a cause, you need to invest in the long term in a real and meaningful way in order for cause marketing to truly drive brand affinity and loyalty.

We. Love. This.

Stories like these warm our hearts and inspire us to keep doing good, wherever we can. That is why we partner with companies to create inspiring, authentic and engaging cause marketing campaigns. These campaigns align with company values and foster employee and customer loyalty. Connect with DoTopia and let us help your company do good, better.

Also, you don’t have to be a large corporation with a massive marketing budget to do good. A local woman from Edina created a campaign to collect winter clothing items that visitors may not need when they return home. All items were given to homeless people in need.


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