Personalize your Giving Experience with DoDollars and Personal Giving Accounts

We care about many things at DoTopia. The first and foremost being the connection we make between our DoTopians and the 1.6 million nonprofits on our platform. We are inspired by the impact individuals and organizations make on a daily basis. In fact, we created an e-book showcasing why our DoTopians give.

More givers, giving more has always been our driving motivator in everything we do. We do this by supporting individual acts of giving through personalized cause marketing and workplace giving technology.  All of our giving solutions support individual acts of giving by setting up each DoTopian with their own personal giving account and giving them access to our philanthropic currency, DoDollars®.

Personal Giving Accounts and DoDollars were created by DoTopia to inspire social change and are two unique benefits we offer when purchasing a corporate giving solution with DoTopia or using DoTopia as your individual giving solution.

Year of Giving

If you haven’t heard, our friend, Deepak Chopra is calling 2018 the Year of Giving.

Giving technology has made great strides in the last few years with the increase in demand for corporate well-being initiatives. Given the current workplace dynamic organizations are facing, it is no longer an option to offer standard benefits. Your staff is too diverse for “standard” or “status quo”. . Employees are demanding more from their employers and expect personalized options to meet their needs. Not to mention, adding to the mix newly appointed millennial managers and recent Gen Z Grads. Utilizing a digital platform to implement your Corporate Social Responsibility strategy has never been more critical.

Digital and personalization are the two words we hear over and over again as being essential to the success of a workplace giving or cause marketing campaign. This is why the DoTopia model is different from other giving technologies with the use of our Personal Giving Accounts and DoDollars.

Personal Giving Accounts

Did you know anyone can create their own personal giving account? Other giving technologies require an individual to be company-sponsored to be on their platform. We’re not about that. We want everyone to have access to an easy-to-use technology for giving. A platform where you can give to any nonprofit of your choice through a single platform.  

Personal giving accounts (or PGAs) allow each individual to customize their giving experience, set giving goals, and donate to any charity on our giving platform. Whether they are an individual or company sponsored, all DoTopians are welcomed onto our platform with the tools they need to create their own giving practice.

If your charity of choice isn’t currently on our platform, no problem. As long as they are a registered nonprofit organization we can get them added in our technology. The best part? The organization will be in our system forever, so you have enabled others to give to this nonprofit as well. To get a nonprofit of your choice added, simply contact us here.

Managing your giving has never been easier. Sign up today!


DoDollars power our Workplace Giving Solutions, Cause Marketing & Personal Giving Accounts. Think of DoDollars as your dollars to do good.

DoDollars provide an easy and engaging experience for individuals to give. They are an all-inclusive benefit for our organizations, DoTopians and nonprofit partners, and are what connect everyone using our giving technology.

Organizations can utilize DoDollars through:

  • Matching
  • Customer Loyalty Promotions
  • Brand Engagement
  • Corporate Challenges
  • Payroll Deduction
  • Workplace Giving Campaigns
  • Volunteer Programs
  • Employee or Customer Recognition

Individuals use DoDollars to:

  • Give to their nonprofit organizations of choice
  • Gift to other individuals to give to their favorite nonprofits

Our nonprofit partners use DoDollars to:

  • Recognize and thank their donors
  • Raise funds for their own initiatives

Join us in making 2018 the Year of Giving.

Request a demo today and let DoTopia create a customized giving experience that’s perfect for your organization and your individuals.



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