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It is the most wonderful time of the year! Giving season is upon us. Not only do we tend to be more generous the last couple months of the year, but overall, human spirits are up. It might have something to do with the holidays, but we know all the positive psychological benefits that giving has on people. It feels good to give.

According to Network for Good, 29% of giving occurs in the month of December. Even more surprisingly, 11% of giving occurs in the last three days of the year! Other large donation generators include our personal favorite day, #GivingTuesday. The average gift made on #GivingTuesday is $142 compared to December 31st where the average donation is a whopping $223.

We want to know why so many people are waiting until the end of the year to receive all these positive endorphins? You can give at any time, in any size to receive the same good vibes. Rather than saving up all your philanthropic acts until December 31st this year, we are inspiring people to give early.

While planned giving may not be new to the wealthiest Americans, it is new for many of us. Setting giving goals, finding causes, and in turn charities to support is very personal. Sifting through 1.6 million charities can also be quite time consuming. To take some of the work out of discovery, we have put together a “Get Personal with Your Giving” e-book that takes you through the Sustainable Development Goals (global giving targets) along with charities that are doing the good work to support these initiatives.

We hope you enjoy this e-book and find a cause or two you would like to support as a result. Make sure to sign-up for your FREE Personal Giving Account with DoTopia and start giving today. Remember, you can cash in on those giving endorphins before December 31st. Happy Giving Season!

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