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Despite a divided Nation, giving has a rare opportunity to unite us all. Not in the organizations we support, but the very act of it. Brands big and small can lead this movement if they are willing to relinquish full control of this giving spend and put the power of cause marketing into the hands of their customers (queue gasping noise…).  

We recently wrote the white paper titled: A Guide to Giving: Inspiring Pro Social Consumers of Today with the purpose to encourage Corporate Social Responsibility and Marketing leaders to start thinking about giving in a new and personalized way. Behavior change can be difficult when corporate giving has historically been a top-down approach, so this paper will help corporate giving teams explore the reasons why brands should start thinking about philanthropy differently.

Specifically, the Guide to Giving White Paper will address:

  1. A brief history of giving – how philanthropy began and where we are today.
  2. An overview of the next Generation of givers – Gen Z is not like other consumers. While many are still talking about millennials, we are encouraging you to consider the next generation of buyers.
  3. The way to incorporate personalized giving into your business – Your company has the ability to make an impact with your customers leading the way.

By the end of this whitepaper, you will know why it is not only a good idea, but also a smart move for your business to engage your customers in your company’s giving goals.

The giving season is right around the corner with #GivingTuesday, Thanksgiving, and Christmas planning upon us. In fact, 11% of total online giving occurs in the last three days of the year (source: Network for Good). We challenge you to try something new this year. Try spreading the joy of giving to your customers with a personalized giving program – you might be pleasantly surprised with their reaction and increase in loyalty.

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