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We live in a constant state of consumer. Whether it is social, digital, or print communications, it is impossible to hide from impetuous marketers who want us to buy their products. Often times, we buy solely based on what these marketers think we should have, not necessarily what products make sense for us as individuals.

Marketing Meet Philanthropy

In order to grab attention and drive action, marketing needs personalization. It needs inspiration, individualization and impact. Philanthropy, meet marketing. At DoTopia, we think these two are a match made in heaven and have the results to prove it.

Philanthromarketing™ is the act of inspiring prosocial experiences to grow good together. By utilizing two key initiatives that are currently driving industries of all kinds, we enable brands to set themselves apart from the competition through acts of giving.

Employee Giving in the Workplace

A substantial amount of workplaces are made up of generations that not only want but demand impact. It’s nearly impossible to go a full day without coming across an article, post or tweet about both Millennials and Gen Z values. By creating powerful giving initiatives through customer and employee engagement, our clients inspire loyalty with their most valued assets by giving their customers and employees the power of choice in supporting the charities they care about.

We don’t favor one charity over another (that would be completely against any of our values). As long as the organizations are a registered 501(c)3 they can be added to our giving platform and join the movement of over 1.6 million charities on our platform.

At DoTopia, we believe a giving world is a better world. By inspiring prosocial experiences through giving, we all grow good together.

Help us spread the Joy of Giving today! #Philanthromarketing


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