Giving Goals.

Giving Portfolio: A New Way of Thinking

I’ll be the first to admit my knowledge in investments is limited. I tend to leave it up to the professionals. I do know is that it is important to have a well rounded investment portfolio, one that aligns with your future goals, sets you up for success and represents industries you are passionate about.

As Chris Gallant put in 4 Steps to Build a Profitable Portfolio (yes, I did Google what makes a well rounded portfolio), “In today’s marketplace, a well-maintained portfolio is vital to any investor’s success. As an individual investor, you need to know how to determine an asset allocation that best conforms to your personal investment goals and strategies.”

Just as people need to have a well-rounded investment portfolio, they should also have a strong and defined giving portfolio that conforms to their personal giving goals.

We are living in a time where everything we do represents our total being. How we make and spend our money, where we eat, what we buy, where we travel, the list goes on and on. The same goes for companies. When strategizing how to attract and retain top talent, employers know that everything their company does contributes to its brand and how the entire enterprise is viewed.

A critical piece to an individual and company-wide brand is philanthropy. A recent study determined that a company’s volunteerism program ranks third in importance to Millennials, right behind an organization’s primary purpose and its workplace culture. Leveraging Millennials’ passions, it said, “is crucial” for organizations that want “to build a culture that resonates with this growing demographic of current and future employees.”

By diversify your corporate giving portfolio and putting the power of giving in the hands of your eager Millennial and (soon to be) Gen Z employees, you are creating a strong sense of employee engagement and setting your company up for success. You are also allowing your employees to demonstrate to their social circles that they work for a company that empowers them to make a positive impact. This in turn creates a company culture that is a strong representation of who your employees are as individuals. We know this is important to them.

Supporting causes near to individuals’ hearts has never been easier. By setting up a Personal Giving Account, our DoTopian’s can search for a charity they care about (1.6 million to choose from) and donate immediately. With a PGA, they can also track, set goals and keep record of all of their giving activity allowing them to establish a strong giving portfolio.

We are the largest and most trusted giving platform and would love to empower your organization to engage and inspire your employees.

Help us Spread the Joy of Giving.


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