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Humans of Giving e-book Promotes Individual Cause Marketing

As humans, we share 99.9% of the same DNA with one another. Yet, we know that our biologic sameness does not account for differences in our preferences, lifestyle, socioeconomic status and overall passions. Naturally, our “giving desires” would also fall into that latter list. Though the psychological reasons we like to give as humans may be in the 99.9, the causes we care about are defined by our culture and life experiences.

The Rise of Cause Marketing

We all have causes we care about. Whether we support these causes through giving or volunteering, we find resources in order to advance these initiatives. Employers and brands have taken note of the rise in individualism and cause-related cares. As a result, leading philanthropic companies are turning to a new kind of marketing, one that involves giving in a new way. Cause marketing encourages for profit businesses to partner with nonprofit organizations in an effort to receive mutual benefit. Companies are expected to stand for and support socially responsible ideas. Without this desire, we are seeing talented employees and customers reallocating their money and talent elsewhere. Especially Millennials and Gen Zers. It is not enough to be the most profitable company now days, people expect a component of good in your work and cause marketing allows for this while increasing your bottom line.

Proof in the Pudding (er, Stories)

To showcase this individual desire to give, we asked our DoTopians (come on, we know you want to be one too…) to share their personal giving stories. What we found? Not one story was like another. In fact, very few were even in similar categories or related causes. Though the majority of these DoTopians have one binding factor, their employer, the cause in which they wanted to support was distinctly different…

Puppy Rescue Mission

“I volunteer with and donate to Puppy Rescue Mission, a non-profit that brings home the dogs and cats our troops adopt while they are serving in Afghanistan and other war zones. Our troops become very attached to these animals while serving and do not want to leave them behind. Because they are not US military working dogs, they cannot fly with them when their deployment is over, so PRM raises funds and coordinates medical care and transport to bring these animals home. Because most of PRM’s fundraising is online, their overhead is low, so I know most, if not all, of my donations go directly to help the animals.

It is a way I can say THANK YOU for your service in a unique and tangible way. I recently fostered two cats through PRM for a soldier until she finished her duty assignment. I picked them up at the airport, they were a joy to care for for a few weeks, then I sent them home to their soldier. As a graphic artist, I volunteer my time to create the PRM calendar, holday cards, thank you cards, and more. Using my talents for good! All to say thank you and help our troops and the animals they love, and who love them unconditionally. No one left behind!”

Linda Norwood

Boy Scouts of America

“I donated my gift to the Boy Scouts of America.  The money provided will help pay for many kids to attend scout camp over the summer.  Camping helps campers develop self-reliance and resourcefulness and camp also contributes to social development.  Camp uses the natural surroundings to contribute significantly to physical, mental, spiritual, and social growth.”

– Becky Buske

Community College Music Program

“I recently started contribution to the music program at Southwest Virginia Community College.  I have always believed that music has the power to change peoples lives and this program does that for the members of the communities in Southwest Virginia.  Before getting into financial services I actually was a music major at this institution and because of the work that the current professor did my life was forever changed. Growing up in an economically depressed area I never would have been able to experience places in the world such as New York City, Washington DC, Chicago, or Atlanta.  

The work that this program does for high school and college kids is simply amazing.  In addition to the monetary donations I make each year I also chaperon clinics with them and I will never forget taking a group to Wilmington,  North Carolina for a jazz clinic and taking a break from playing.  We did lunch on the beach and one of the girls who had never been out of the area was amazed at her first viewing of the ocean and jumped in.  Through the work of Dr. Joey Trivette at the school, that student who came from a single parent house hold with an income of around 20 thousand per year was able to achieve a full ride to the Shenandoah Conservatory of Music to study musical theater and performance.  This work is so needed and every dollar I can earn to help support that school I will make it one of my philanthropic missions.”

– Andrew Ray

Humans of Giving e-book

We know these stories are captivating, which is why we created this easy to read E-Book for you

At DoTopia, we believe in the power of giving choice and individual cause marketing. Your company can enable more givers to share about and support the causes they care about. Are you ready to give your employees or customers a gift that actually will keep giving? Let’s talk.


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