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Spread the Joy of Giving

Remember your first Christmas when the “receiving” bulb dimmed and the “giving” one illuminated? We all reach a point in life where we find just as much joy, if not more, in giving gifts versus receiving. If this hasn’t happened for you yet, this blog might not be for you. Thinking back to my top holiday memories, they almost always include a very thoughtful gift I have hand picked for someone important in my life. Watching the receivers face light up as they unwrap the paper may be one of the best feelings we experience as humans.  

There’s a lot of power (and joy) in making someone feel good. Small acts of kindness, or “micro-giving”, in the case of DoTopia, have proven to be just as impactful as more elaborate gifts. That said, if my significant other wants to buy me a Ferrari over a Ford, I will gladly accept. Large gifts can be VERY special as well (too bad he doesn’t read this blog). 

Research has proven time and time again that it feels good to give. In one survey of 600 U.S. citizens, social psychologist Liz Dunn and colleagues found that greater happiness was triggered by spending money on other people over oneself. Even more interesting, income levels did not affect the results.

When you combine the joy of giving with the power to make another feel good, the results are inspiring.

The Proof is in the Giving

At DoTopia, we have our own research to back this up. In a recent marketing campaign, we featured a new promotion to spread our giving power. For any DoTopian who gave $25 DoDollars to the charity of their choosing, we would reward them with $25 DoDollars to gift to someone else. Rather than giving the DoTopian additional funds, we wanted them to spread the joy of giving. It was a success! The campaign had one of the strongest open and click through rates we’ve seen and 10% of recipients gave DoDollars that month so they could receive additional funds to gift to someone else. More proof that giving works, my friends.

DoTopia makes it easier than ever to spread the joy of giving, whether it’s with your employees, customers, family or friends. We celebrate every small or large act of kindness through giving and gifting.


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