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What Will Replace Checkout Charity?

The days of big box retailers raising significant funds from checkout transactions may be coming to an end.  Not only are shoppers spending more time and money online versus in-store, but the retail industry as a whole has seen a consistent decline in sales. In fact, over 50 retailers could file for bankruptcy in 2017.  With the majority of retailers facing financial instability, are Give Back programs also on the chopping block?

The math is simple: fewer big box stores + low customer engagement = decrease in donations to corporate non-profit partners, right? We don’t think so. It’s on us to come up with a Plan B.

The solution is not to cut corporate social responsibility programs.

If anything, it is more important for companies to focus their social impact to attract and retain valuable customers and employees.

It’s been said time and time again, today’s workforce and customers want to make the world a better place. They value impact, personalization and invest in brands with a strong social standing. These generations must feel engaged and know that their time, energy AND money is contributing to something bigger than themselves. What’s the solution here?

This is where DoTopia shines. We make positive social impact easy. With DoTopia, you will spark a strong sense of employee and customer engagement by utilizing our powerful giving platform. We put the act and choice of giving in the hands of the individual. Every single act of giving is celebrated and important at DoTopia.

Still not convinced?

26 experts weighed in on what they believe will replace Check Out charity.

We were definitely digging what they had to say. Here are a few great gems:

  • “Instead of pleading customers to make a donation themselves, businesses should use giving to thank their customers for engaging with their brand.”
  • “The only reason checkout charity works now is because of convenience. When it is equally convenient and contextual to give elsewhere that will be the better option. Ultimately, companies need to offer an environment of giving in which they can provide an experience, connection and relationship.“
  • “We predict an overall increase, not a decrease in corporate social investments through 2022 and beyond. Checkout charity isn’t dying. It is migrating away from the counter and into the virtual world.”
  • “We’re focusing a lot of time and attention on the power of digital engagement and fundraising and see it as a major growth opportunity in the years ahead. Meeting donors where they are is essential for charities that want to capitalize on new avenues of fundraising.”
  • “All signs point to online corporate giving and digital partnerships as ways to activate customers.  Among our retail partners, we’re starting to see more inquiries about online giving.”
  • “Employee volunteering and giving programs are the gold standard for authenticity. Brands that embrace employee volunteering and giving reap a bounty of rewards, and see a fantastic ROI – not least of all because their employees demand them – but in terms of more authentic marketing, improved employee engagement, better retention, and even higher profitability.”

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