How Are You Building a Purpose First Brand?

Customers put a lot of value in purpose. A roster of brands like TOMS, Warby Parker, and Airbnb have found amazing success in combining business objectives with positive, pro-social purpose. Rightly so. The acknowledgement of value in purpose is step one, but the key to a brand’s success is to become truly purpose-led.

As if brands are not feeling the pressure already, Edelman released a new study on the topic. The 2016 Earned Media Study cites that, “55% of respondents believe that brands can do more to solve societal-ills and influence change than governments.”

Showcasing your brand’s purpose is critical to winning the hearts of your customers.

New generations (millennials and Gen Z) are coming to town who care more about social change, impact, and individualization than any generation before them.

In addition, companies are now equated to a person’s emotions and beliefs. When asked to define a brand, customers tend to elaborate on personable characteristics. They care about how they feel when associated with the brand, and describing who the brand is to them.

Therefore, a company’s purpose and how they make the world a better place need to be clear to their customers. Every customer interaction needs to authentically reflect the company’s purpose and values. These interactions will actively engage their customers and keep them coming back for more.

At Dotopia, we partner with companies to create strong customer engagement programs through rewards, promotions and giving campaigns. With our programs, you can create individualized interactions with your customers. You can thank them for their loyalty which will spark a strong sense of brand awareness.

Plain and simple, it feels good to give. By partnering with DoTopia, your customers will associate your brand with the joy of giving. Together we will inspire More Givers to Give More.


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