Why Brand Values Need to be Clear

We are living in an age where the average consumer is inundated with ads through a variety of channels. Most often, at the same time. Some call it annoying, others might appreciate the advancements in retargeting. Either way, brands are fighting tooth and nail to grab a consumer’s attention for that quick second, let alone long enough time to show them who they are as a company and what their brand values are. Not to mention, humans now have a shorter attention span than a goldfish due to our always on, digital lifestyles. Maybe your valuable ad dollars would be better spent on more attentive species? Just saying.

By definition, values are a person’s principles or standard of behavior. They are a direct reflection of who we are, how we act, and what we care about most. For a brand, values are of the utmost importance to attract and retain their most important stakeholders, namely customers and employees. For leading brands such as Target, social responsibility is woven into their DNA. Target gives 5 percent of their profit to communities each year. You can bet Target has trained their consumers and employees to expect this behavior from them, just as much as Target’s customers expect their exact deodorant brand will be available at 10pm on a Tuesday.

Consumers can gauge a brand’s values through social channels, website, and press, but that is only if the brand can get them to show up, pay attention and keep coming back. A more authentic way to showcase a brand’s values is through their employees’ own social channels and digital footprints. These outlets have the power to give a brand a reach larger and clearer than ever before.   

Increase Employee Engagement

High employee engagement is the key to being viewed positively and effectively through the people who show up to work every day. To achieve this, companies must create a purpose driven workplace that is reflective of their employees’ values. Creating an environment with values that are both tangible and inspiring is expected today. Not to mention, one of the most critical elements to retaining loyal Millennial and Gen Z employees.  

Giving is often a direct reflection of an individual’s values.  DoTopia partners with companies to align company goals with values through individual acts of giving. Our goal is simple, More Givers Giving More. We achieve our goal by creating impactful corporate philanthropy programs like giving to charity, volunteering, matching and campaigning for good. All of our programs are purposeful, effective at engaging employees, and contribute to making the world a better place.


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