Embracing Your Inner Millennials

Millennials, known as the generation with an infinite amount of studies, articles, podcasts, video series and television shows aren’t going anywhere. Expected to make up over 50% of the workforce by 2020, it has never been more critical for companies to get on the Gen Y bandwagon and truly embrace their way of working, living and communicating.

Whether you find yourself a member of this generation or not the key to your business success will be to embrace your inner millennial. Age is just a number, right?

This is the generation that wants their work life and social life to coincide with little to no effort. Their mantra is life is work – work is life.

A Desire for Social Consciousness

A major contributor to Millennial’s definition of work life balance is the desire for social consciousness in a company and the need to be contributing to the greater good. The millennial generation cares and they want to be making a difference.

DoTopia is here to help. DoTopia is a powerful, pro-social giving platform that allows users to donate to the causes they care about most. We partner with corporations, establish strong engagement programs tailored to achieve company-wide goals and objectives and support them through DoTopia’s Enterprise Customer Success program.

It has never been easier to engage with your millennial employees and to give them one of the key benefits that research has proven to be so important to them: Social Impact.

Here are three proven methods DoTopia can utilize to actively engage your millennial employees, contribute to your business’ overall effectiveness and pave a successful path for years to come:

  1. Personal Giving Account: Think of it as a personal checking account for employees to manage all of your philanthropic transactions. Personal Giving Accounts enable employees to give anywhere at anytime. Employees can monitor their giving history for planning, tracking and tax purposes and also set personal goals to maximize their giving.
  2. Employee Match Program: By matching your employees’ charitable contributions you are supporting their pro social footprint and demonstrating to them that you care about the causes they care about.
  3. Incentive Rewards: Incentive rewards can motivate employees to continue or increase participation in your company’s giving initiatives, wellness programs and overall business objectives. They also can promote a sense of achievement, team building and presence within their communities.

DoTopia is here to partner with you, positively engage your employees and make the world a better place.

We make giving easy and engaging and in doing so inspire more givers to give more.


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