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Giving never felt so good.

Give more with DoTopia, your All-in-One Giving Platform.

What do we Do

Customer Engagement

Put the power of giving in the hands and hearts of your customers through reward programs, promotions and brand engagement opportunities.

Personal Giving Accounts

Tools for individuals to manage and expand their giving activities.

Employee Engagement

Reward your valued employees through volunteer programs, giving campaigns and gift matching programs.

Why You Should Give With DoTopia

DoTopia supports personal expression and believes in the power of the individual. Each act of giving and gifting creates more engagement, empowerment, and philanthropic passion of doing good, better.

Your Giving Platform

DoTopia provides you with your own Personal Giving Account.

Choose Your Charity

With over 1.6 million charities, you can find the cause that's right for you.

Maximize Your Gift

100% of the DoDollars received will go directly to the charity you select.

We've Got Your Back

All corporate partners are supported by DoTopia's Enterprise Customer Success program that covers everything from training, setup, reporting and branding support.

Get Started!