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Inspire and get the most out of your corporate social responsibility program! With the profit and purpose movement leading the way, unique experiences to use personalized giving and volunteer solutions to attract talent, engage employees, and build loyal customers is here.

Volunteer Programs

Include volunteer tracking in your flexible workplace giving portal. DoTopia makes it easy to encourage your employees to give time to the organizations that matter to them.

Workplace Giving

Transform workplace giving programs from top down to employee-led through giving campaigns, volunteer programs, and matching gift programs.

Loyalty Programs

Create best-in-class loyalty solutions with a unique reward or incorporate DoDollars® as a campaign element for an already established loyalty program.

Customer Experience

Put the power of giving in the hands and hearts of your customers through loyalty and reward programs, promotions, and brand engagement opportunities.

Personal Giving

Manage your own giving by setting goals, fulfilling, and administiring your own Free Personal Giving Account through DoTopia.

31 Days Of Giving

From June 1st to July 1st, DoTopia highlighted one of our giving heroes each day. We kicked it off with a message from Jiyo founder, Deepak Chopra. Check it out on DoTopia's social media channels.
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What makes us unique?

Personal Giving Accounts

All givers will receive their own Personal Giving Account that stays with them even if your company doesn’t. PGA's are used for both company-sponsored and individual accounts.


Designed exclusively for our giving technology, Do$ provide an easy and engaging experience for your people to support the causes they care about.


We care about what you do - simplicity and flexibility. Our easy to use platform allows your users to do what they need to and nothing more.


Make your giving platform consistent with your brand by incorporating brand elements into your custom instance. We also encourage givers to share their activity on social channels.

API Integrations

Utilize DoTopia’s user-centric portal through a simple integration. Work with our database of charities through one system to avoid additional transactions and fees.

Our Givers Give More

One day you tell your people where your corporation gives. The next day, they decide.

“I always do a donation to my child’s school (public elementary school). As a volunteer in the school, I see just how much the funding helps. As an example, field trips that enrich the classroom education are funded strictly by donations to the school. My child’s class was able to visit a local aquarium to see the ocean life that they studied. As a parent volunteer, I got to listen to how excited the kids were to see the sh/animals they studied.”

Sandra Johnson

“I donated my gift to the Boy Scouts of America. The money provided will help pay for many kids to attend scout camp over the summer. Camping helps campers develop self-reliance and resourcefulness and camp also contributes to social development. Camp uses the natural surroundings to contribute significantly to physical, mental, spiritual, and social growth.”

Jamal Johnson

“My contribution helped get a homeless mom and her three kids into permanent housing. I love supporting organizations that help others through empowerment and teaching as well as through financial assistance. We can all help someone, even if only in the smallest way.”

Every gift matters

Namesh Patel

“I made a contribution to the University of South Alabama towards my scholarship. My scholarship is given to rst generation college students in the College of Business. I donated because I believe everyone deserves a chance to go to college regardless of their income and circumstances. I continue to give because I see rst hand the difference it is making to these kids and their contributions to our community. Every semester I receive a letter from the winning student thanking me for the opportunity and this means more to me than anything I could have bought myself with these dollars. These kids have received better grades because they can focus on their education and not having to work so much to pay for college. Their future contribution to society is more than I could ever ask for in return.”

James Carter

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